Steiner guarantees free-flow operations and long life of the machines by providing your manufacture with all the necessary spare parts. Original spare parts from the manufacturer always mean stability, efficiency, and reliability. Working with us, you can be absolutely sure that you will receive everything you need on time. That is why we offer original spare parts with quick delivery.

You can also order original spare parts and pumping equipment components in our company and their quick and timely delivery through our service center. The team of our experienced engineers is always ready to provide professional advice to help to determine your exact demands for spare parts.

Choosing Steiner spare parts, you get the exact delivery time, free consultations on all technical issues concerning operation and maintenance, and a full set of technical documentation for adequate procedures.

To be prepared for any suddenness and to avoid the necessity to stop production due to the search for the right components, you should always have a repair kit on hand. This includes membranes, valve seals, valve balls, a set of o-rings / thrust packs, a silencer and an air distributor, a stem of membranes, a central block sealing, and an o-ring.

In case you need quick and direct assistance to deal with malfunctions or spare parts, just call us.