Steiner offers a wide range of genuine spare parts and accessories for pumping equipment and ensures their timely delivery through its service centre. Genuine spare parts from the manufacturer guarantee stable, efficient and reliable operation of the machines as well as a long service life.

When working with Steiner, customers can be sure that they will receive everything they need on time. A team of experienced engineers is on hand to provide professional advice and identify customers' spare parts needs.

Обираючи запасні частини компанії Steiner, клієнти отримують фактичні терміни поставки, безкоштовні консультації з технічних питань експлуатації та обслуговування, а також повний комплект технічної документації, необхідної для повноцінної експлуатації.

It is also worth having a repair kit on hand to be prepared for any eventuality and to avoid stopping production to find the right parts. The repair kit includes diaphragms, seals and valve balls, an O-ring/gasket set, muffler and air distributor, diaphragm stem, central unit seal and O-ring.

If you need quick assistance with a malfunction, you can call Steiner at tel. +380 44 3907338.