SuperPump 2500 L silo/buffer hopper with stirring/feeding device with SuperPump 200.

The scansteel foodtech SuperPump series comprises 3 (three) different pump sizes. Correct choice of pump depends on several factors such as:

  • pump capacity,
  • material to be pumped,
  • temperature,
  • viscosity,
  • particle size – from pre-ground meat raw material to half a pork carcass.

One significant feature is the double discharge outlet which dramatically minimizes (eliminates) fluctuations in pump capacity. Motor for pumps is designed according to pump application.




ContiPump 4000/250 Twin Screw. Shown fully assembled ready for production. Shown with all safety rails in position

The scansteel foodtech ContiPump series is for less Heavy Duty applications such as pre-mixers being fed into an emulsifier as well as for various buffer/storage/silo applications.

The buffer hopper comes in two versions:

  • a single feeding screw
  • a twin screw hopper, where one screw feeds/drives the ContiPump and the other prevents/limits bridge building.