STEINER - is a manufacturing company offering its customers a full range of engineering and technical services:
• designing new enterprises, workshops or production sites;
• reconstruction of existing food production facilities;
• equipment assembly and delivery;
• Installation and commissioning works;
• introduction of new production technologies;
• commissioning of new and reconstructed food facilities.

Manufacture and supply of process equipment for the dairy, oil and fat, brewing, alcoholic beverage, alcoholic beverage and wine industries, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the mining industry:
• Equipment of tanks;
• Pasteurisers and sterilisers;
• Component dosing systems;
• SIP systems for non-separable washing;
• Emulsifiers and homogenisers;
• Dissolution and blending systems.

Reconstruction of food production facilities in accordance with EU requirements and NAACP and GMP standards. Preparation for the implementation of international quality standards in production.

Depending on the customer's wishes, STEINER carries out both individual types of work and their full range of works until the turnkey delivery of the facility:
• pre-project preparation;
• design;
• approval and coordination of project documentation;
• completion of the facility with equipment;
• manufacturing of non-standard equipment;
• launch of production and processing of the technology;
• staff training;
• equipment maintenance.

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