ILPRA is an Italian manufacturer of packaging equipment for thermoforming, vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries since 1955.

Today, Ilpra is present all over the world, with more than 17,000 machines installed and several subsidiaries on all continents. The principle by which Ilpra has sustained its sustainable growth is the same as the principle by which it has maintained an identity that is now synonymous with quality: customer satisfaction above all else.

Types of packaging and machines:
- Automatic and semi-automatic tray seamers using modified atmosphere and vacuum - FOODPACK range (Food sealing machines are the leaders in ILPRA's packaging equipment range. They are available in a wide variety of configurations and are suitable for both small batch and large-scale production. In addition to the food sector, Foodpack machines are also used in industries such as medicine, cosmetics, etc;)

- Machines for thermoforming and subsequent sealing of packaging - the VERIPACK VKF range (Veripack packaging machines combine the most advanced technologies to preserve your products, whether food or medical devices. The Veripack range includes thermoforming machines of various capacities, ideal for medical devices for small, medium and large companies);

- Bucket filling machines - FOODPACK AND BUCKET LINE (ILPRA bucket filling machines are designed for packaging liquid, creamy, thick and granular products);

- Machines for filling into cups with subsequent sealing - SEAL BOX line (The product is placed inside pre-prepared plastic, glass or metal containers, which are sealed with a suitable unwindable film. Depending on the type of packaging, needs and production volumes, Ilpra offers the most suitable standard solutions and designs tailored to the needs of the individual customer);

- Fill and seal machines - the FILL SEAL range (a wide range of models designed for dispensing liquid and paste-like products into pre-prepared containers of various sizes for further sealing with foil and closing with cut-off lids. ILPRA machines for packaging products such as yoghurts, condiments, soups, etc. meet all the requirements of both small batch and industrial production on fully automatic lines);

- Machines for group packaging.

For more information, please contact our technical specialists Steiner Ukraine - the official distributor of ILPRA in Ukraine - by phone +380 44 390 73 38.