Company ZACMI (Italy) engaged in the production process and packaging equipment for the food industry.

Zanichelli Meccanica (Zacmi) was founded in 1954 and today is a leader in its segment, with more than 2,000 customers worldwide. We offer:

Production lines for the preparation of fruits and vegetables:

– Frozen vegetables and fruits;

– Dried fruit and vegetables;

– Blanched vegetables;

– Letcho, adjika etc.

Bottling and filling:

– Liquid products (cold / hot fill juices, sodas);

– Viscous products (mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces with chunks, condensed or evaporated milk);

– Solid foods (fruits, vegetables);

– Mixed products (vegetable salad, mix)

Equipment for closing:

– In a glass jar;

– In the tin;

We are happy to consider your request and give our best technical solution. Please contact us by phone. +38 044 390 73 38.