Company Vacuum Barrier Systems (Belgium / USA) – the world leader in liquid nitrogen dosing systems and cryogenic equipment.

Dispensers used in the production of nitrogen calm waters, juices and juice drinks, wine and oil. Boiling point of liquid nitrogen is -196, and one drop when released into the environment instantly vaporizes and expands to 850 times. Dosage of liquid nitrogen can be performed before filling the empty container, and after it before capping (depending on product).

Thus the use of nitrogen injection gives us:

increasing the pressure in the bottle;
displacing oxygen from the container;
increasing the shelf life of the product;
increase rigidity and durability of the package.
This equipment is reliable and easy to use, and easily adapts to your existing bottling line.

Dispenser for model selection please contact our technical department at tel. +38 044 390 73 38.