scansteel foodtech supplies a full range of Mixers and Mixer/Grinders for the global food processing industry as well as the global pet food industry. Mixer and Mixer/Grinder programme comprises the following types and sizes:

• Constructed in stainless steel AISI 304.
• Safety equipment for CE conformity.
• Low energy consumption.
• Ideal for frozen meat and fresh/frozen mixtures. A flexible and high-performance mixing is given with both a high peripheral wing speed and a gentle handling of the mentioned raw materials.
• Minimum product residues and cross-mixing of batches, also including fully separated and sealed hygienic one preventing any possible cross contamination.
• Various lid configurations: rear or side hinged. Optional as pneumatically operated.
• Computerized design of mixing wings and mixer geometry combined with the programmable mixing action secure optimum processing results for you.
• Low noise level.
• Mixer controls available in range from ordinary push button operated versions to advanced PLC controlled systems. All PLC systems are supplied with reliable and easy accessible finger-touch operator panel with digital read-out of all mixer functions. Make Allen Bradley




• Dust lid without sealing.
• Grill lid.
• Plate lid with sealing.
• Weighing system on frame.
• Weighing system, floor mounted.
• Frame prepared for weighing system.
• Temperature sensor (incl. in CO2 and steam) – PT100.
• CO2 top injection system with snow horns incl. control and lid.
• CO2 bottom injection system.
• N2 top injection system.
• N2 bottom injection system.
• Steam bottom injection system incl. nozzles.
• Water dosing system, automatic.
• Double jacket for heating/cooling and insulation. (not pressurized).
• Polished mixing container inside meat product zone.
• Interlock for trolleys – photo cell.
• Inspection platform, various executions.
• Mixing wings optional as standard, paddle or spiral wings. Standard and paddle wings to run either side-by-side or intermeshing.