Company Nicomac ( Italy) – Europe’s leading manufacturer of equipment and clean rooms for pharmaceutical companies . The company was founded in 1977 and during that time has become the European leader in its segments , as evidenced have customers in more than 50 countries. One of the directions Nicomac is the production and installation of cleanroom :

– Walls and panels

– flooring (PVC , epoxy or terrazzo )

– Ceilings ( serviced and unattended)

– Doors and windows

– Accessories .

We can offer both the supply and installation of an individual object, and complex engineering project of all production facilities . «Nicomac» is also the leading European manufacturer of equipment for the processing of dry formulations. In this direction, we can offer :

– Weighing and dosing of powders

– Mixers pelleting – drying in a fluidized bed

– Tabletpress

– Koatees with solid and perforated drum

– Machinery for cleaning and sterilization.

For more information, please contact our technical specialists at tel. +38 044 390 73 38 . We are happy to provide our best technical solution .