The use of autoclaves Steriflow in the production of ready dishes by  “sous-vide” technology

The essence of the method is very simple: the products are sealed in the plastic bag from which air is pumped, then cooked in water, the temperature of which is typically less than 70 degrees. The result is several goals:

Usually dishes lost their tastes and aromas in the process of cooking, but using the technique of sous-vide dishes store their abilities.

Cell membranes do not destroy if we use low-temperature treatment, that means that such dishes will turn much more juicy.

During baking, for example, meat it is not available to expose the temperature below 180 degrees, although it is enough only 55-65 for beef, lamb and venison, and no more than 80 for pork. Preparing dishes using sous-vide technology gives a possibility to sustain same temperature inside and outside, nothing will dry or burn.

The correct selection of temperature allows the muscle collagen to transform into gelatin, preventing denaturation of proteins – precisely because of it meat gets hard and dry.

Vegetables that undergo to this method, remain fresh, have crisp texture, that is very hard to achieve with conventional cooking.

Briefly summarize all mentioned above, we get the perfect flavor, perfect aroma and perfect texture of the finished dish.Steriflow autoclaves allow to achieve positive results in the production of ready dishes in an industrial environment.