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EFFYTEC applies the newest technologies in the manufacturing of packages for the food industry by means of the ULTRA CLEAN process, available in several models of their machinery range.

The packaging machine for ULTRA CLEAN application is fully covered by a laminar flow chamber to maintain a microbiological safety area and prevent any impurity coming from outside. The whole packaging line is sterilized, both film materials and filling process. The decontamination of the packing material is performed by the application of hydrogen peroxide (H2 O2) in the form of gas or by means of high-power U.V lamps.

This technique is particularly indicated for those products to maintain cold chain conditions, with a shelf-life below 30 days (refrigerated distribution).

The ULTRA CLEAN system developed by EFFYTEC covers a wide range of packaging machines, particularly for natural products that need to fulfill the most strict international standards in terms of safety and hygiene.

A very important segment of the market for this type of packaging is Baby Food, for the little ones at home (yoghurts, compotes and purées), that can be provided with different “anti-choke” caps.